Ryan Hartford
Ryan Hartford grew up in Kansas, living in eight states before landing in Los Angeles, CA. Always being interested in film production, he started out acting, being in two feature films while living in Chicago. Despite those films having lackluster success, those acting jobs lead to marketing opportunities with Sony, promoting their cinema and camera lines traveling nationally for a year while attending college online.
After college, Ryan moved to Los Angeles with nothing but a car full of belongings and a passion to create. The first year was exciting and difficult, doing everything from PA work to transcribing reality tv to getting coffee for producers. He thrived in the creative environment.
Ryan’s appreciation for every level of the film set grew and the passion to tell stories helped him push through the long hours, low pay and to remain positive. The big break he was hoping for came in the form of a competitive internship at Showtime Networks, one of the top companies he had wanted to work for.
Every day he showed up with a tie on and worked like it was his full-time job despite it being a very casual office and being an unpaid intern. A month into it, a position opened up which would change his life forever, Coordinator of Program Operations and Distribution working directly with technical specs for Showtime programming. After being the first intern to ever get hired midway through their internship, Ryan went on to work there for four years.
During that four years Ryan would work on nights and weekends as a photographer. A film he made played in theaters and in film festivals. He would sell his photos at art festivals. Seeing success from these avenues were encouraging but very limited while working a full-time job at the same time.
It was a hard decision but seeing the potential and success he could have focusing on his passion full-time, Ryan left Showtime to follow his dream of building his company Ecliptic Media into something that could have purpose and value. 
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    Ryan Hartford
Ecliptic Media (photography)
Ecliptic Media  was started in 2009. It began with the award winning animated short film Lyle’s Last Asteroid, a film about a boy genius who built a spaceship to leave earth in search of time-portals to warn Earth of a catastrophic asteroid.
Ecliptic Media soon produced other award winning short films such as Paralysis and Confessions of a Comic Book Nerd. Paralysis, a suspense thriller which was produced, filmed, and edited in 48-hours followed a girl struggling with life after a mysterious figure murdered her neighbor and was coming for her next. Confessions of a Comic Book Nerd, a short documentary on the false perceptions of the person who loves comic books. It had a short theatrical run as well as several panels nationally at multiple conventions.
Ecliptic Media’s name came about for two reasons, one was the company’s ability to cover multiple facets of media, focusing mainly on video, photography and graphic design. And the other being Ryan Hartford, the founder, his interest in science and space.
In 2016, photography became more of a forefront, so Ecliptic Media took on the name Ecliptic Media Photography as a subset of Ecliptic Media but remains as a one-stop for all media needs.
Working under the subset of Ecliptic Media Photography, we have worked with great companies like UCLA, E! Entertainment, Amazon, Fender, Keller Williams and talented people like Academy award winning Charlize Theron, Moby, The Kardashians, Cesar Millan and many others. 

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