My Impact

A woman approached me at an event I was photographing for. Her father was one of the smartest men she had ever known. He was sharp, quick and successful. 

He started developing Alzheimers when he was 60. As his cognitive self began slipping, the family was at odds with what to do to combat it. One day she brought her father a photo of her and her sisters. The fathers face lit up. He may not have recognized the photo exactly, but something in his brain knew what he was looking at. 

As a photographer, I take a lot of pride in creating photos attached with memories. Memories that will potentially help someone remember the great times they had, when they have a hard time remembering themselves. 

Around 4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimers with a majority being diagnosed in their 60's. I work and team up with charities to help in Alzheimers research and to get these people the help they need. 

Together we can make an impact in this world. If you would like to donate toward Alzheimers research, you can donate through this link.