Hi! I'm Ryan. A photographer and filmmaker from the golden wheat fields of eastern Kansas. Although I claim Kansas as my home, I've lived in eight states.

When living in Chicago, I started a video company, A Raven Production (a mix between me and my best friends' name, Steven). I was soon after hired by Sony to promote their DSLR cameras on a national campaign, which instantly sparked my interest in photography.

A few years later, I coined the name Ecliptic Media. The name represents my interests in covering all kinds of media; photography, video, and graphics as well as integrating my interests in space/sciences and the cosmos. 
The name followed me through the production of my award winning short films Paralysis, Lyle’s Last Asteroid, and Confessions of a Comic Book Nerd. 

I moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to follow my aspirations to write and direct. I landed a job at Showtime Networks where I worked for four years. 

After balancing photography clients and a full-time career for a year, I decided to focus all my efforts fully into my photography and filmmaking.   

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