What to expect when expecting ... photos

​You hired me!!!! But now what? This little guide will tell you exactly what to expect:

1. You will receive an agreement. Don't fret! Agreements are scary, but it basically just states that I will definitely show up and clearly expresses the photo delivery expectations. It's all in good intentions. My goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves and to have a great experience with me.

2. I will show up to your event. Take some photos. Some = alot normally. 

3. After the event, I'll go through the photos, selecting the very best ones. Ones that people are smiling. Enjoying themselves. Fun images. That way you don't have to go through all of the photos I took looking for the best ones. (150-300 images)

4. I then edit the selected images. This includes color correcting, brightening them, adjusting highlights/shadows, and sharpening. This is included in the initial quote.  

5. High res Images are Delivered via Dropbox by email within a reasonable time frame, usually within a week or two of the event. Images are also available via thumbdrive or CD, but client must provide them and arrange a pick up time.

6. Further edits can be included if needed on a request basis for an additional fee based on the circumstances. 

7. Images are ready for posting to your favorite social media platforms! My business thrives on referrals and repeat business, so please don't forget to tag!! @EclipticPhoto - Ryan Hartford

8. All images are available to print for an additional fee if interested.

Thank you again for hiring me! You are the best and I can't wait to work with you. 

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